Advance Coaching Toolbox

biblical principles combined with trauma-informed techniques and business strategies to strengthen your coaching practice

Would you like to continue to grow and develop as a coach, deepening the impact of your practice?

While the skill of coaching is best cultivated through the kind of training we offer at More to Be combined with ongoing practice, there is still much that can be learned and applied for the sake of growing a thriving and impactful practice.

Every successful Christian coaching practice is built upon three pillars:
  1. Advance Coaching Principles & Skills
  2. Business Strategies
  3. Biblically-Based Self-Care

The Advance Coaching Toolbox will give you all this and more.

Just like in your grandfather's toolbox, there are many compartments housing tools for different purposes, you'll find this toolbox organized to serve your coaching needs.

You will discover how to care for your client's emotional health with an understanding of trauma-informed care while also growing as an entrepreneur with fresh insight on when to pivot to reach new clients.

If you're a trained coach, ready to learn at a deeper level and grow a thriving practice, it's time to get access to the Advance Coaching Toolbox today.


The Advance Coaching Toolbox is exclusively available to members of the More to Be Coach Network.

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Your Instructor

Elisa Pulliam
Elisa Pulliam

Elisa Pulliam counts it a privilege to work with women from all over the world, and in all seasons and stages of life, helping them discover how to join God in His work.

She is the founder of More to Be as well as certified life coach, coach trainer, mentor, speaker, podcaster, and author of numerous books and resources, including Meet the New You, Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified, and Unblinded Faith: Gaining Spiritual Sight Through Believing God's Word.

As a result of what Elisa has experienced through God’s redeeming work in her life and twenty-plus years in ministry, she fully believes that a changed-by-God woman leaves a life-changing legacy that gives Him all the glory. She and her husband, Stephen, savor life together with their four children. When she's not caring for them or doing all things More to Be, you can find her out at her friend's farm, enjoying horses and mentoring youth.

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​The Advance Coaching Toolbox is exclusively available to members of the More to Be Coach Network. To learn more about the Network, visit

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